Nosferatu Style Vampire Fangs / Makeup kit


Includes Dental Adhesive for a Custom Fit Every Time! Comfortable to wear

These Nosferatu style vampire fangs fit over your front two teeth and are held in place with thermoplastic beads which have been made pliable in hot water for a custom fit.

For a custom fit, just heat up the thermoplastic beads in hot water until they change color from white to clear, then form the pliable thermoplastic into the shape of a worm, put it into the inside of the tooth cap. Press the tooth cap up onto the your two front teeth for one minute until they have taken an impression of your teeth and cooled slightly. Remove them from your mouth and let the thermoplastic cool for another 10 minutes until the thermoplastic has set solid and turned white again. Trim off excess thermoplastic for a comfortable fit.

Makeup kit includes:

  • 2 Vampire Fangs   
  • Dental Adhesive
  • 2 Blood Captures
  • Makeup Cream
  • Brush
  • Sponge

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