Latex Horse Head Mask

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Horsing Around

Horse around this Halloween with this hilarious Horse Mask. This funny mask is made from latex and is moulded into realistic details. This mask is one size fits most and you see through the mouth. This mask is what night "mares" are made of.

Item Includes:

  • Mask(The colour of the mask may slightly different from the photo)

Fit and Sizing:

  • One size fits most.

Due to the package of this item, the latex horse mask is flat and warped. In order to make it back into a proper shape, here is some tips may help you:

The best way to force it into the desired shape by stuffing them with paper or something or wrapping them with rubber bands or whatever else does the job. Then apply heat to the latex to soften it so it relaxes to the shape you have forced it into. Be VERY careful not to heat the latex too much, a very low gradual heat is best or you will risk melting it. You may need to apply heat and let it cool several times before it takes shape.

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