Halloween Animated Hanging Witch on Swing Decoration Props with Sound, Light up Eyes and Moving Legs

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  • Size: 100cm*40cm*10cm
  • A scary animated hanging, speaking, cackling wicked witch sitting on a swing kicking her legs up and down while her evil red LED eyes are flashing, and she says 3 phrases and cackles with frightening laughs! She looks like she is ready to cast her spell on those that cross her path!
  • The witches' animated movement is sound and touch-activated. This creepy wicked witch has classic purple and black attire, long gray hair, and a black hat. You can bend the arms and legs to set your own custom pose.
  • Speaks 3 phrases and has a ghoulish cackles laugh after each phrase: "Hey, wait for me, I'm a bit stuck and almost out of here," "Would you help a sweet old lady out? I won't bite; much," and "Oh nooo of all the nights to get cramps in my legs."
  • This spooky but fun witch adds a little more fright to the trick-or-treaters' night when placed in any haunted house, graveyard, tree, yard, entryway, window, or at a Halloween party!
  • Dimensions: 3 feet high with a 12" wide swing seat. It is powered with 3 - AA batteries (included). Includes switch to power on or off.

This creepy witch on a swing makes a cool prop for your Halloween party - hang her from your ceiling and press the switch to hear her cackle different spooky phrases while her eyes glow red and her legs shake in a frenzy!

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