Animated Hanging Furry Spider With Moving Legs, Spooky Sound And Light Up Eyes

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Freak out all your Halloween guests with our big furry animated spider!

Body measures 26cm x 15cm, legs measure approximately 220cm long.

Features light up eyes, moving legs and evil laughter sounds. Sound/touch activated - shout at it or touch it and the spider will move!

Comes boxed, operates with 3x AA Batteries (not included) and includes a loop for hanging.

Spider's legs come folded and will require unfurling and grooming by hand before use.

Our furry spider makes a spectacular prop for your Halloween party and a great way to scare your party guests - simply hang it from your ceiling and yell/scream at it to see its eyes glow red and it's legs move eerily while it cackles with evil laughter!

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