Halloween Life Size 160cm Hanging Skeleton Decoration

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Halloween Lifesize Hanging Skeleton Decoration
Create your own fun this Halloween with this awesome, full posable life size skeleton prop! Unlike most other skeleton decorations, this prop features realistic 'ball and socket' joints at the shoulders, hips and ankles, plus two-way knee and elbow joints and a flexible neck, allowing you to position your skeleton in dozens of different poses.

This skeleton decoration is made from hollow moulded plastic with a painted finish. This decoration features joints at the elbows, shoulders, hips, knees, wrists and ankles, allowing a range of different poses.

Note that getting this skeleton to stand on it's own can be difficult so it's best to prop it up against furniture or other elements of your decorative display. It also works very well in a 'sitting' pose.

When standing this skeleton measures approximately 160cm*42cm*19cm.


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