Birthday Gumball Bubbles Helium Balloon Bouquet


Birthday Clear Bubble Helium Balloon with Feather and Writing Arrangement


  • Clear Bubble helium balloon filled with feather * 1
  • Rose Gold Foil writing * 1
  • 5" Confetti balloon  * 4
  • 5" Plain latex ballon * 4
  • Rose Gold Foil Tassel * 1
  • Balloon weigth * 1
  • Not available for parcel shipping to other areas

Pick up in store or Local delivery in Sydney Metro only

Not available for parcel shipping, please don't choose standard shipping or Express shipping.

If you want to choose different numbers/letters, styles or colours of the balloon or you have other inquires about this balloon, you can

  1. make a note when you check out
  2. call us on 0298776688 during trading time
  3. send Email to 24/7

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